You’ve got questions…we’ve got answers.

How much capital do I need?
Around $100k, liquid.
What are the timelines?
Pre-permit engineering 4-5 weeks, Permit 8-10 weeks, construction 5-6 months, but this can vary based on market conditions.
Who manages the permit process?
Clickinvest Construction. This is truly turnkey.
Do you send me pictures or videos?
Yes. We are adding a project tracker on the Clickinvest dashboard that will include weekly pictures. 
What areas of Florida do you build in?
For now, we are targeting Southwest Florida (Lee and Charlotte County). We plan to expand to other areas later this year.
How many can I buy at once?
As many as you can afford so long as we have lots available.
If I am flipping the house, do I need to list with Clickinvest?
No, though we do recommend allowing us to manage the entire process, especially for out-of-state investors.
What is Cape Coral like for permitting, flood zones, insurances?
We do not buy in flood zones. Homes are built to the latest wind and impact codes which should provide discounts on insurance.
Does Florida have increased taxes on Short term rentals?
Florida charges lodging tax on STR. 
What happens if there are material price increases during construction?
Just like all homebuilders, we are subject to market conditions. We have a purchasing team that attempts to minimize the effects of inflation, but if there are increases, they will be passed on to the client. 
What happens if the construction takes longer than the estimated 9 months?
We are subject to market forces just as all homebuilders are. We have the ability to pivot to alternative materials and suppliers if there are certain shortages that extend lead times. 
How much does it cost to clear (remove debris from) a property?
It depends on the amount of trees and brush on the property. We personally look at every property to provide an estimate on a case by case basis. The average has been about $4000.
Do these properties have City water or well & septic?
Most are well and septic, but we come across both. 
Do you have lenders supporting this program?
We do. We work with preferred investor friendly lenders that we would be happy to connect you to.
Will we have a dedicated contact person to keep us in the loop on the progress of our property's progress?
Our project team updates you through the dashboard. You can also ask questions through the dashboard and a coordinator will respond. It is important to note that there will be times with little communication. For example, when we are in for permit review, we will not be providing updates unless we hear something from the city.
If I'm going to be in town, are there some properties I can see in progress?
For safety reasons, we cannot provide access to projects under construction that you do not own, but as we get homes going we could certainly provide addresses for you to drive by. 
Are there different finish packages to choose from?
Right now we offer only one finish package. This is a flip level finish package including white shaker cabs with 36″ upper cabinets, granite counters and vinyl plank throughout. We plan on offering option packages in the future. 
How is the "Draws'' process handled?
We will invoice in advance at each phase of construction. Our team can provide you with an approximate payment schedule. 
Is there a "Finishes" sheet to show what the interior finishes are going to be?
Yes, we can provide you with our specifications.
What Guarantees/Warranties are there on the materials and labor?
There is a one year, non-transferable warranty against defective workmanship. Manufacturers warranties will also be provided.  
What assurances does Clickinvest make on staying within timeframes and material costs (overages)?
Unfortunately, like all home builders, we are subject to market forces outside of our control. We cannot guarantee completion dates or that there will not be some inflation during construction. We will keep you informed as projects progress.
Are there any penalties to Clickinvest or Chargeback/discounts if Clickinvest exceeds budget or timeframes?
The contract does not provide for chargebacks or penalties. The reason we are selling these homes to our clients at a substantial discount to market value is because there is some risk on the part of the investor as there is with all real estate investment. If we were to take on these risks, we would have to sell the homes at retail pricing.