The One Word that Clickinvest Investors Love:

ClickInvest platform

Clickinvest isn’t just a deal finding tool … or a construction company … or a brokerage. It’s all of those services and somuch more. That’s why we call it a platform, and the true value is found in the seamless offerings that can help you find, close, rehab, and sell or manage your properties. We have a team of highly accomplished, skilled real estate professionals here to support you as much or as little as desired.

Our goal is to give you everything you need to be successful, including our experience and knowledge. The Clickinvest platform provides support at every stage of the process — whether your focus is fixing and flipping or building a cash-flowing rental portfolio. With Clickinvest, no matter your experience level, or geographic location, you can compete against sophisticated professional investors on a level playing field. 










A Team Committed to Your Success

Jeffrey Kershner - Co-Founder, COO and Designated Managing Broker

Jeffrey Kershner

Co-Founder and CEO                   
Designated Managing Broker

in 2022, Jeff assumed the role of CEO, leveraging his operational background and technology focus to lead Clickinvest during a period of monumental change in the investment real estate market. 

Jeff originally joined Rosario at Resurrecting Real Estate in 2016 as COO to build a revolutionary investment platform. In this role, Jeff designed and tested many of the processes and algorithms that drive the Clickinvest system today.

Prior to teaming up with Rosario, Jeff served as Vice President, Operations and Director, Investment Management at Invitation Homes (NYSE:INVH) where he lead the Chicago and Minneapolis markets. Invitation Homes is the national leader in single family rental homes with more than 80,000 units owned. In his role with Invitation Homes, Jeff personally directed the acquisition of more than 4,000 single family homes. As the leader of the Midwest markets, he was responsible for all phases of the business including acquisitions, rehab, leasing, and portfolio management.

Rosario Terracciano - Co-Founder, CEO and Broker

Rosario Terracciano

Co-Founder and COO                   

Rosario is the COO of Clickinvest and has an acute focus on managing and overseeing Clickinvest’s growing construction portfolio in the booming Florida market. Here he provides boots-on-the-ground oversight while leading the platform’s partnerships and growth opportunities.

Rosario began his Real Estate career in 2003 when he left the finance industry and partnered with a local Real Estate Broker specializing in distressed real estate. Now in his 15th year working exclusively in investment real estate, Rosario is excited to share the Clickinvest system he pioneered.

Rosario has represented investors, rehabbers, builders, banks, and institutions in more than 2,500 transactions valued at more than $300 million. Rosario was the number one broker in Chicago for 2013 and ranked 4th nationally by the Wall Street Journal. He has built a career working with investors to stabilize distressed properties and now brings that experience and expertise to this venture.

Mark Wilton - Senior Client Advisor, Broker

Chris Lehto

Director of Purchasing

Chris’ construction experience started after his service in the United States Navy as the owner of a landscaping design company in Maryland. After finishing his Master’s degree, Chris started working in the concrete industry as a site foreman and developed the “bug” to become a home builder.

In 2008 Chris moved into homebuilding working for one of New York’s largest builders as an inspector. From there he joined DR Horton as an estimator in the Texas market, and eventually landed in Tampa, Florida where he became the Regional Estimating Manager for Lennar Corporation.

Chris focuses on building high quality homes. He takes the approach that “nothing is impossible” and believes that a home is only as good as the team who builds it. Chris has proudly built over 800 homes over the course of his career and looks to build thousands more in his role at Clickinvest.

Tommy Schrey

Director of Client Relations                 

Tommy started his Real Estate career over 30 years ago in the Mortgage industry. He then obtained his Real Estate License and was assisting some of his clients with their real estate needs as well.

In 2009 right after the real estate crash, Tommy started working for Fannie Mae in their REO (Foreclosure) Division. He worked there until early 2018 when the real estate market had finally started to stabilize and property values were again on the rise and foreclosure rates had begun to drop. While working at Fannie Mae, Tommy managed REO assets in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan and managed, repaired, listed, negotiated, and sold over 6,760 homes helping families realize their goals of home ownership.

He did this with the help of his Realtor network. It was there where he met Rosario Terracciano, CEO & Co-Founder of Clickinvest. Rosario was one of Tommy’s Top REO agents in Illinois. It was this close working relationship that brought them back together and Tommy was super excited to step into the role of National Director of Investor Relations Here at Clickinvest.  

John Aiello - Advisor | Savo Group

John Aiello

Advisor | Savo Group

John co-founded The SAVO Group in 1999 and served as the company’s Chief Executive Officer from 1999 to October 2010. His passion for improving sales/marketing effectiveness helped pioneer and evangelize the Sales Enablement category. Prior to founding SAVO, John served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Sundance Homes, and as Brand Manager for the Miller Brewing company.

John received his BA from the University of Illinois. He also holds an MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management, where he is currently serving as an adjunct professor focused on entrepreneurship. In 2009, he and SAVO co-founder Drew Larsen were inducted into the Chicago Entrepreneur Hall of Fame. He has previously served on the Boards of the Adler Planetarium, the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce and the Chicagoland Entrepreneurial Center. He currently serves on the Boards of several software companies as well as several non-profit organizations. He and his wife Carla live in the suburbs of Chicago with their two sons.

John Wright - Advisor | John Wright Unlimited

John Wright

Advisor | John Wright Unlimited

John’s leadership journey began with a “big idea.” What began in his garage, grew to an organization with a staff of almost 200 people, including data intelligence, and a large plant operation.

John has had a successful track record in applying his business experience across a diverse array of vertical markets.

After graduating from Northern Illinois University, John founded a company that would grow it into a national leader in the field of Database Marketing. While working with clients such as Ann Taylor, Eddie Bauer, The Limited and other specialty retailers he developed marketing strategies that integrated online and offline channels to drive significantly greater results. The company was purchased in 1997 to become the cornerstone of one of the largest Direct Marketing agencies by revenue in the United States.

Shortly thereafter, John transitioned into Private Equity. Along with a group of other investors, he built a fund to acquire, integrate and run multiple platform companies.

As an executive coach, John’s passion includes engaging with business owners, CEO’s, and executives, both in safe peer collaboration settings, as well as one-to-one coaching, to help them grow in business and life outcomes.

Mary Nassar

In 2019 I became a Clickinvest member! It was liberating to say the least – chasing after properties became a thing of the past. Placing offers from the comforts of my home and averaging 1 – 2 contracts after three weeks has been a godsend. I am now able to find a property, renovate it, sell it and make my money, all while I enjoy my life.”

Mary Nassar | Chicago

Andrew Holmes

“Clickinvest has been a game changer for our business. Our goal has and always will be to grow and grow fast. Within a few months, because of Clickinvest, we were able to find 15+ deals. It’s not only the software, but the team of agents who negotiate on our behalf, that makes Clickinvest a gold mine. If used correctly, Clickinvest saves you not only time but money as well. Using the platform we saw a huge positive impact on the bottom line of our business.”

Andrew Holmes | Chicago