Build Your Real Estate Portfolio the Smart Way

If you are looking for a passive income strategy, a Rental Property Portfolio just might be the answer for you. The team at Clickinvest can help you identify, close, rehab, and even manage you’re properties – whether you’re a local investor or located thousands of miles away.

Our lender referrals can help you finance your original purchase and rehab costs, then refinance your property into a long-term loan and help you pull out your equity to purchase another investment property. This is commonly known as the BRRRR method (BUY, REHAB, RENT, REFINANCE, REPEAT), and it’s how most investors begin building their rental portfolios.

Clickinvest is a Game Changer. No more long hours crunching numbers on Trulia, Zillow and Redfin. Clickinvest sends me deals with all the data needed to quickly evaluate a property. I submit multiple offers a day even while working a full-time job. What used to take me 3 hours now takes me less than 5 minutes!


Angie Taggart - Real Estate Investor


CEO Rosario Terracciano explains the difference between a turnkey investment and Clickinvest. The BRRRR method retains the equity for YOU … and that allows you to leverage your investment to grow your rental porfolio exponentially faster. It’s fast, repeatable and all available with the click of a button.

Clickinvest is the Easiest and the Smartest Way to Build a Cash-Flowing Rental Portfolio

No matter where you live, the Clickinvest platform allows you to begin building your rental investment empire immediately.
It’s as simple as a Click.


Clickinvest is the Easiest and the Smartest Way to Build a Cash-Flowing Rental Portfolio
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The difference between Turnkey and Clickinvest.

Out-of-state investing made easy … find, renovate, sell, or rent.

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