Fix & Flip

Grow Your Business by Overcoming Obstacles

Everyone has reasons their business isn’t killing it … ‘I can’t find good deals‘ … ’My offer wasn‘t accepted’ … ‘My contractor quit’ … ‘The house didn’t sell and the carrying costs ate my profit’. The fact is, all of these are solvable with the right approach and resources. Clickinvest is THE platform for investors that want to Fix and Flip. Here’s why:



Without exception the biggest barrier we hear from our clients is “I can’t find deals that work.” Clickinvest ends that challenge. With your own custom developed profile and a behind-the-scenes algorithm to find deals, you will have more deals that fit your investment criteria than you’ve ever imagined. Guaranteed.


Can’t get your offers accepted? We know many investors who’ve had trouble getting to the closing table. That all ends with Clickinvest. Our team will help you formulate offer strategies and handle the paperwork. And in a business where timing matters, we’re fast. Very fast.


You found your deal and closed. This is when you need to count on your GC and construction crew because the clock is ticking – literally. Costs are accruing and loan payments will soon be due. Don’t let the challenge of finding and managing a reliable team cut into your profits. Cickinvest’s team has completed well over 4,000 projects and can help you get listed faster.


Clickinvest offers our clients some great benefits when it comes to listing. In addition to a reduced fee structure, we have a network of photographers and videographers to help your property standout and get the showings. And our deep network that helps us find properties also helps us sell them quicker and easier.

Tasha Norris

Prior to joining Clickinvest, I was dealing with multiple agents submitting offers and trying to keep up with them all. Now, with Clickinvest, I am working with one Broker and it makes the process of submitting offers seamless. I also like that when properties come up in the markets that I invest in, I get an email notification and can immediately evaluate and submit an offer.

Tasha Norris | Chicago

Eric Strung

“I’ve worked with Clickinvest for over five years. In that time I’ve found the flexibility to ramp up or slow down on offers to hit to hit inventory targets has been important for my business. Working with an experienced broker like Jack is great. He knows his stuff and is great at follow-up and negotiation.”

Eric Strung | Chicago

Reviewed. Clicked. Bought.

This single family home in the northern suburbs of Chicago was the third project of the year for a new Fix-n-Flip client who is focused on growing their business. Lack of deal flow had limited them to just one or maybe two projects per year. A click of the button changed everything.

A ClickInvest Fix-n-Flip home project in Libertyville IL


Listed for: $289,000
Bought for: $275,000
Clickinvest ARV: $677,500


Create custom searches to find the properties that fit yourinvestment criteria



Leverage deal analytics from a team that has transacted thousands of properties



Submit offers through your phone – Clickinvest handles the required paperwork


Receive introductions to vetted service providers ranging from financing to GCs


Utilize in-house professionalconstruction services to improve efficiency and cost control


Sell quickly and save fees with Clickinvest’s brokerage services


CREATE YOUR SEARCH, just like you would in the MLS or Real Estate Websites




GET DEAL ALERTS on every property that fits your criteria


SUBMIT OFFERS right from your phone with a CLICK – we do the paperwork for you

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Find your next deal faster and easier than ever before.

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